Come join us on a new adventure : No-Code Summer Camp

After months of working hard to launch NoCode University, we were looking for the perfect opportunity to give our growing community of students a life-changing experience.  


We help non-technical people bring their apps to life without coding, so we wanted to find a way to help even more ideas become reality.

We joined forces with Bravo Studio, a cutting-edge, code-free mobile app building tool, to create a Summer Camp that will help entrepreneurs launch that app idea they've been sitting on all year.

Summer is a great time to learn new things and take some time off to work on ideas and personal projects. Our Summer Camp is all about getting together with the community of entrepreneurs, makers, designers and no-coders to learn not only how to bring apps to live, but how to find the right idea, find customers and even raise funding for a digital business.

Students will access exclusive content that will help them build their app without coding. At the same time, Experts will show our students how to create beautiful user interfaces, powerful back-end logic and ultimately market and promote the software they create to their potential customers.

The camp runs from July to September. You can register for free to receive weekly updates, resources, guides, tutorials and links to attend each event. Plus, live sessions will be recorded so you’ll be able to access anytime!

If you want to bring an idea to life, have looked at some tools but are not sure how to build your app or just don’t want to spend months learning how to code, then No-Code Summer Camp is the perfect fit for you.
Come join us!

Register for free :

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