How can no-code tools help marketing teams?

No-code tools are ideal for people who need to act quickly and be super agile in their work. Calling all marketers – this one is for you.

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Given the need to move quickly and adapt to find things that work, marketing teams are better suited than most to benefit from using no-code tools. Here’s a breakdown on the difference they can make. 

Anyone who works in a marketing team will know that it’s a rapidly evolving space – whether you’re delving into the Metaverse, trying to stay on top of Google SEO updates, or optimising for mobile. The ability to move quickly, adapt and become as efficient as you can with your time and budget is essential – particularly if you’re working in a competitive sector. It’s pretty rare to get the kind of technical support you need exactly when you need it. And you definitely don’t want to be in a position where you’re solely dependent on an IT department or external developers to get your projects, campaigns or plans moving. 

That’s where no-code tools come in. The chances are you’re probably already making use of some OG no-code tools because marketing functions are one area where no-code really excels. You might be planning social posts using the likes of Buffer or Sprout Social; creating email campaigns using ConvertKit or Mailchimp; or tracking projects on something like Trello. 

Those tools are excellent, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what no-code tools can do. Let’s go. 

ConvertKit: a no-code email marketing tool

1. Speed your work up

  • Use the power of automations. First up, we need to talk about automations and the power they hold when it comes to saving you time and effort and cleaning up your workflow. No-code tools like Zapier or Integromat essentially create automations between the other tools and services you’re using so that when one thing happens, it ‘triggers’ a set of actions elsewhere. 
    So when someone signs up for your email, Zapier can automatically send them a welcome email using Convertkit; identifies them as a potential customer on ClearBit to figure out if they’re a target customer; then adds them to your sales CRM on Hubspot and sends them a different email. That’s one example, but there’s all sorts you can set up because tools like Zapier have thousands of integrations. You could populate dashboards, generate reports, find leads on Twitter…  

    See also: Integromat and PhantomBuster
  • Up your content marketing game. There are numerous ways that no-code tools can streamline your content marketing. Instead of building a rudimentary content calendar on Excel, you can use far more powerful apps like Airtable, Notion or Coda that come with automations to notify people when things need approval or Gantt charts to track progress. You can also use these platforms to create content briefs and templates that anyone can quickly access and utilise. 
  • Transform your presentations. You can also make high-spec presentations and pitch decks far more quickly and easily than you previously could. For example, a tool like Pitch has far more capabilities than Google Slides or PowerPoint.
Automation tool Zapier is a marketer's best friend

2. Become way more self-sufficient 

  • Tweak websites and landing pages. Before, if you wanted to make changes to a website you’d have to go through your web or IT team to make it happen, and sometimes have to wait for weeks. But with a no-code platform like Webflow, you can pretty easily change certain elements and aspects yourself. We’re not talking about website design per se, but things like uploading articles or changing headings is very easy to learn. 
  • Conduct more user-research and gather more data. What kind of marketer wouldn’t want to find out more info about their customers? We wouldn’t like to meet them. No-code tools excel when it comes to gathering feedback – the likes of Typeform make it super simple to create actually quite complex surveys, quizzes and forms. Meanwhile, you can track metrics on how your website is performing using no-code tools like nocodelytics. These types of tools are set up for anyone to go in and ask questions of their website data without needing any technical knowhow. 
  • Transform the onboarding experience. Marketing teams often play a pretty big role in showing users how to actually use the product or service they’re selling. No-code tools like User Guide let you create coherent onboarding experiences in a couple of clicks. You can better design the user journey and create customer personas using tools like Miro or Mural too.
Typeform: an incredibly useful tool for gathering info

3. Do new things entirely

  • Building prototypes of apps. Here’s something pretty revolutionary that no-code enables you to do. Without any coding knowhow, you can build mobile or web apps using tools like Glide or Adalo and actually test out ideas or hypotheses you might have. For example, you might want to create a customer loyalty app – something you can do using mobile-app templates. 
  • Get properly stuck into data science. A no-code tool like Parabola does the kind of stuff that might just blow your socks off. It’s set up for creating automations on spreadsheets – the kind of stuff that you’d previously need very complex Excel formulas for, like deleting duplicate names in a sp or separating specific fields from each other. And it works with large volumes of data. 
  • Add new media strings to your bow. No more asking for a video or audio editor to make changes to the content you’re working with. Veed.io makes editing and creating video content super easy, while something like Descript.io translates audio into text and lets you do pretty much anything you want with it.



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