How can no-code tools help customer support teams?

Customer support teams know how a business works intimately. Here's a look at the digital solutions they can build.

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Customer support teams need to deliver exceptional service while finding the solutions their customers need. That means creating custom digital workflows that fit the way their business operates. 

Customer support teams are right on the front line of a business. If you work in that area, you’ll know what a juggling act it can be to manage an avalanche of support tickets, stay on top of follow-ups, and ensure that everyone on your team is delivering the same level of service. You probably rely on some kind of software solution to help you keep track of it all. But sometimes that just doesn’t quite cut it. You need features and functionality that require something bespoke and custom to your workflow. 

No-code tools are a great solution because they enable non-technical individuals to build the solutions they need. Empowering the people who actually understand the problem to create digital solutions for the business. It’s a novel thought and we think it might just take off. You might already be familiar with no-code or low-code tools like Typeform for gathering feedback, or HubSpot for customer relationship management (CRM). Tools like these are just the beginning. Here’s what you can do:

1. Build your own software for support tickets

  • Develop a solution that’s made for the way your business works. There are plenty of support ticket systems on the market, but each of them has its limitations, not to mention a learning curve for your team. No-code tools are a great option if you're struggling to get your business processes into the framework of out-of-the-box software. With no-code tools, you can build your own ticketing software that conforms to your team’s needs and customer expectations – all without leaning on a team of developers. 
  • Get flexibility with no-code tools built for customer support. While you can use no-code tools to build a custom solution, there are also no-code tools specifically for customer support that have plenty of baked-in flexibility you can take advantage of. Zendesk, for example, offers a ticketing system and customer contact tools like chat across web, mobile and social media – plus reporting and analytics you can easily customise to meet your needs. 
See all your tickets with Zendesk

2. Automate everyday tasks 

  • Create automations for your internal team. It’s easy to connect the software you’re already using so that when an action happens on one platform (eg, a ticket is created), it automatically triggers an action in another (assigns the case and pulls up the customer’s profile from the CRM for the agent). Tools like Zapier and Make are worth their weight in gold when it comes to reducing busy work for your team and making sure data always ends up in the right place. 
  • Deliver automated customer experiences. No-code tools can also enable customer support team members to improve customer experiences without necessarily calling on the IT or engineering department. Say your team’s been getting a ton of requests that can be solved by directing them to a comprehensive guide the content team just published. No-code tools let you quickly build customer journeys that lead them to the resources they need on their own, reducing the number of calls or chats your team has to manage (meaning they can focus on high-impact interactions).
Reduce your workload with Zapier

3. Bring all your customer info into one place

  • Merge data from different places for ultimate visibility. No-code tools give you the power to create a single source of truth for your entire customer support team. For example, you might want to integrate data from a payment manager, like Stripe or Shopify, with data in your CRM software and your ticketing system to see a complete view of an individual customer’s journey. No-code tools, such as Airtable, allow you to build out a custom database where you can securely pull all of that data in for your customer support team to use.
  • Make finding data way easier. When your customer support agents are on a call with a customer, they don’t want to be feverishly sorting through information to find what they’re looking for. No-code tools enable you to build visually appealing dashboards. You can also take it as far as building an app to sit on top of a customised database or a user interface that serves as an at-a-glance hub for all of the other software systems your team uses every day.  

4. Improve team performance — wherever they are

  • Build a custom learning management system (LMS). Onboard new hires faster and empower your current team members to level up their skills so they can provide customer experiences that leave a lasting good impression. No-code tools allow you to build an LMS that’s tailored to your needs. These tools also make it really easy to edit your modules when new training initiatives need to be rolled out. Plus, you can build immersive user experiences like quizzes and games to make sure everyone completes their training and retains the critical information they need to do their jobs. 
  • Keep remote teams in the loop. These days, many customer support teams work remotely across different time zones. With no-code tools, you can optimise team communication by building better team scheduling visibility or more straightforward task management. Whatever your team structure looks like, no-code tools enable you to customise a collaboration solution that fits perfectly so that your team never misses a beat.



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Keagan Perlette

Keagan Perlette is a writer based in Quebec, Canada. She writes about technology and innovation for companies that want to change the way people do business.


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