Get to know your customer: 5 easy tools to build forms and surveys for your site

We’re going to assume that you already know just how important it is to understand your customer. But, did you know that truly getting to grips with their needs, wants and challenges is something that needs to be continuously worked on?

You could ask your customers for their feedback. But you’ll likely receive a poor response rate. 

Instead, you should consider crafting engaging forms and surveys to track their opinions. It also allows you to measure their satisfaction at particular points in a customer’s journey. 

However, if your business is small or not too tech-savvy, putting together a form or survey that is easy for the user and insightful for you, can be a little tricky.

Enter no-code forms and surveys. They offer a simpler way to gather vital customer feedback. No more lengthy design processes or coding, just pick a template, customise and reap the benefits of all that customer data. Here are 5 of our no-code favourites. 

5 no-code forms and surveys to save your time and effort (without compromising on quality)

  1. Typeform

Say goodbye to the dull, boxy surveys of old. Typeform is designed to impress with customisable forms, lots of attractive templates and a built-in media library so you tweak to fit your brand’s guidelines. Typeform is built on the notion that neither you nor your customer wants to use an outdated form. They offer attractive and engaging surveys that need minimal effort to work for your needs.

Typeform serves you one question at a time rather than throwing a huge form straight at you, much like you would expect a regular conversation to be structured. This lets users focus on their response rather than what’s to come, giving you a more accurate response. They also utilise “conditional logic”, which analyses the user’s answers to dismiss questions that may not be relevant to them.

There are plenty of integrations available to Typeform users, including Slack, Airtable, Google Docs and many more. This means you can collect the data you need straight away.

  1. JotForm 

JotForm is a great platform for almost any kind of form you could need, from lead generation to job applications. The extremely flexible interface lets you make online forms with ease but is still packed full of advanced capabilities. Choose from over 10,000 templates, import existing forms or start from the ground up for custom forms that fit even the most niche specifications.   

Trusted by over 9 million users — including the BBC, Facebook and Red Bull — JotForm has been making the lives of businesses simpler for over 14 years. With the recent addition of smart tables, which have been seamlessly integrated into the existing platform, JotForm now has the potential to form the foundation of your CRM

As you would expect, JotForm is compatible with hundreds of other apps including Dropbox, Slack and Zapier, but what really pushes this platform ahead of its competitors is the widget library. Not only can you create great forms, you can use widgets to allow users to submit legally-binding signatures, take photographs and upload directly to the form and even create unique ID codes to every form submission. 

  1. Survey Anyplace 

Survey Anyplace prides itself on affordable, effective form building alongside excellent customer support. The platform started out as a fun quiz builder for iPad and morphed into a brilliant tool used by businesses across the world. 

Survey Anyplace is the only survey tool that has been purpose-built for mobile devices. Specifically designed to take advantage of smaller screen size and multimedia capabilities, the platform lets you quickly create engaging surveys with ease. You can even make alterations on the go.  

Despite focusing purely on mobile devices, the platform is amazingly flexible. It can be used for customer feedback, employee self-assessment or even a pub quiz. It also allows users to customise surveys further with the ability to include your own coding, taking a great no-code platform to a whole new level. 

Using Survey Anyplace has advantages for you and your customer base. Customers can get personalised feedback based on their answers while all the results are automatically organised into a nicely formatted PDF, offering an easy way to find the data you need.  

  1. Survey Sparrow 

Survey Sparrow describes itself as “an end-to-end Conversational Experience Management Platform” and promises a 40% improvement in response rates compared to regular surveys. 

Like with the other no-code platforms we have talked about, Survey Sparrow is extremely easy to use with one-click question addition, plenty of integrations and great templates to get you started. 

This platform can truly do it all, from simple offline surveys to complex 360 assessments. Make customer surveys fun with videos and GIF support and a number of visually appealing themes. It can even create multilingual surveys with its translation service, allowing you to gain feedback from around the globe while only creating one survey.  

Survey Sparrow has a brilliant ChatBot widget and sleek UI that caught the attention of Deloitte back in 2018 and resulted in a huge upswing in both quality and quantity of responses. The ChatBot makes surveys feel more like a casual chat, leading the user where you need them to go naturally.

  1. is a little different from the other no-code platforms on this list. Instead of asking your customers for feedback, this tool asks internal stakeholders to share their problems. Something that is just as important to gather!

Every developer knows the pain of someone coming to them with an issue, but can offer very little information to help recreate the situation. aims to simplify the feedback process and save your developers hundreds of hours of trying to find the bug.

It works by leaving a discreet widget on your page which users can click on at any time. Once open, it offers a selection of feedback options, including video with or without audio and an annotation mode. The user then records their session, recreating the bug they found letting the developers see exactly how it happened. Quick, simple and accurate reporting without having to write a single line of code. could save you time and money, allowing you to launch the best version of your product quicker than you thought.

Gain better feedback with the power of no-code 

No-code tools and platforms are changing the way customer feedback is collected and can help improve your business with ease.

The number of no-code tools is growing at a rapid pace, but don’t worry if you can’t keep up.

With NoCode.Tech you can stay up to date with all the new developments as we guide you through how to use no-code tools to improve your business without writing a single line of code. Get started today.

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