Build a Web App without coding

A quick guide to custom building a web application, no code required.

Updated November 11, 2021

Step 1: Simple application? Try these tools


Building for a Business? With integrations to lots of popular databases like Airtable, Stacker lets you build private, secure customer portals and internal tools without coding



For apps like job boards and directories, Table2Site is the simplest way to get started. Plug in an Airtable with the site's data, and Table2Site does the rest



This landing page builder comes with support for simple forms and AirTable - Build a web page, then connect it to Zapier or Airtable for functionality


Step 2: Need something more complex?
Pick from these more advanced NoCode Tools


Bubble is the go-to NoCode tool for building complex web applications, with a large eco-system (See Zeroqode) and plenty of support out there



DrapCode is the new kid on the block, but one of the most powerful app builders out there. Drag and drop a UI together, then add logic + data. You can also export the code!



Webflow has by far the best tools for building beautiful pages, but has little support for logic. Combine with tools like Zapier and Airtable to achieve your goals


Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches to your Web App


Zapier helps your web app do more by connecting up your other tools. You can connect Webflow forms to send data into your Airtable database, for example



GetSiteControl provide a suite of surveys, forms and pop-ups to help you engage with your audience. Their optional live chat feature is a handy add-on



Newcomer Tuemilio lets you add a simple email collection and wait-list to your web app. Perfect if you're launching a product and want to add viral marketing


What Type of No-Coder Are You?

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Use No-Code in Your OrganizationUse No-Code to Build a Business

Step 4: Choose a name and register a domain

Shopify Name Generator

One of the best name generators out there, even though you're not building an online store. Choose your name and skip the Shopify signup

Recommendation: Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Still one of our favourite tools for figuring out a company name. BNG even shows domain availability to help you make a quick decision

Recommendation: Launchaco


Beautiful and startup-style suggestions for names. Good if your website is aimed at a techie audience


Step 5: Get a Logo for your NoCode Web App

Recommendation: UCraft


One of the simplest logo designers out there, with scores of minimalist and modern icons. No sign-up necessary!

Recommendation: LaunchACo Logo Maker


They do more than just names - select a few preferences and a randomised logo is generated for you - Doesn't get easier than this!

Recommendation: ManyPixels


The big guns - This service isn't cheap, but they'll produce something custom, quick and beautiful - like the NoCode logo!


Step 6: Launch your Web App!

Recommendation: Aidem Network

Aidem Network

Aidem Network helps you get your initial users by launching your product across various startup directories, PR agencies and more

Recommendation: ProductHunt

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the go-to place to launch your product - the site tends to drive thousands of visitors in a day to its sites and is a key part of most launch strategies

Recommendation: GetBetaTesta

Get Beta Testa

Getting people to visit your website is one thing, but knowing how they use it is key. Install this to see which pages your visitors click and the sites they come from


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