NoCode.Tech is the best directory of tools and resources for non-techies who want to build, without code.

Since 2016, the site has helped over a million people build their idea, get their business going or score a big win in their career.

The site was originally created by Sam Dickie, who poured hundreds of hours into curating tools, writing articles and promoting the no code movement, which eventually turned into today's huge market of tools, makers, resources and successes. The site was later bought over in 2018 by Nile Frater, a huge fan of the No-Code space for years and later acquired by Stacker, from where Nile continues to run the site.

Our site has 3 main goals:

  • Make No-Code so simple to learn that even the most tech-illiterate can build their own software
  • Help businesses large and small transform themselves with the power of No-Code
  • Make it easier for non-techies to learn essential coding concepts that grow the powerful of nocode tools

Today, NoCode.tech is the largest education platform in the NoCode/LowCode space and helps over 30,000 people learn to build software without coding every single month.


- Nile, Michael & the NoCode.Tech team

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