From idea to launch: How to get your business ready with no-code tools

If you're looking for a helping hand in getting your business moving, check out these tools.

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If you're looking to launch a business, making use of certain no-code tools might just make a huge difference: from landing on the perfect name to handling your customer support. 

One of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur's life is the launch of a new product or service. It's also one of the most nerve-wracking. You're managing the creation, design and production of the product; testing it rigorously; coming up with details like pricing and your release date; and taking it to the market. Utilising the right software makes plenty of sense – here we discuss a few tools that might just help. 

1. No-code tools to help name your product or service

There are a few things to consider before naming your product. We all know that a catchy, memorable name is key. However, you now also need to come up with a name that is easily searchable on Google. That means it needs to be easy to spell. Additionally, you'll want a name that hasn't already been used to create a website or social media presence. It isn't enough for you to be legally allowed to use a name; it also needs to avoid getting confused with similar names across the internet.

Business Name Generator + Namechk: Simplify your namestorming sessions

Business Name Generator does exactly what it advertises. You type in a keyword related to your product and it generates tens of names for you to choose from. Not all of them are going to be winners, but it should give you enough to work on, if not provide you with the perfect name altogether. 

But what if your desired name is already in use? That's where Namechk comes in. It's a service that automatically scours the internet for domains, trademarks, and usernames that might already be using your name. This allows you to quickly cross names off your list that aren't available.

2. No-code tools for translating your website

Another step you'll want to take early into the development of a new product or service is the globalisation of your website/service. For everyone else, this is essential. Launching a product in one language will limit you to the regions that speak that language. Depending on where you live, this can seriously limit your growth potential. This is especially critical for those launching a digital product or online service. One of the perks of launching something that is digital-first is that it can be used by anyone in the world, no logistics required. 

Weglot: Make your website accessible in minutes

If you only speak one language, don't worry! You can globalise your entire website in multiple languages without needing to know more than one. Businesses like Spotify, IBM, and WeWork all use automated globalisation.Weglot is our recommendation for a no-code platform that you can use to automatically convert your content into multiple languages. It features more than 100 languages and can even SEO optimise your content in different languages. 

It integrates with your existing website easily, so you don't have to bring out your dusty copy of HTML For Dummies. The app works in minutes and has thousands of satisfied reviews. Quite frankly, there's nothing to lose by implementing it.

3. No-code tools to master customer support

When young companies launch a new product, they generally underestimate their customer support needs. This results in more customer issues, questions, and complaints than a small customer support team can handle. At the same time, you probably won't have the resources to hire and train a team of customer support representatives, nor to set-up and manage customer support resources on their website. 

Enter no-code customer support tools. 

Indemandly: Talk to customers in real-time

Leave customer support in the capable hands of Indemandly. It's a solution that you can not only implement on your website but also your social media and marketing emails. This level of integration means you can keep in touch with all of your customers on all channels from a single app.

Users that have tried Indemandly have noticed a 3x increase in customer engagement. And, thanks to the abundance of analytics and communication tools, keeping up with these responses is much simpler than email-centric customer support. 

Best of all, Indemandly is super easy to set up.

4. No-code platforms to design and build your logo

Next up, you'll want to create a logo to represent your new product or service. Designing a logo means choosing colours, shapes, and styles that lend themselves to your brand

If you don't know anything about branding or design, you’d benefit from seeking some advice. While external help in the shape of a designer is definitely the best way to go here, if you can't afford that, there are some no-code alternatives.

Squarespace Logos: Clean, modern logos and fonts

You've probably heard of Squarespace before. You might even use it to run your website. For those who don't know, Squarespace is one of the most popular platforms for building a website from scratch. It's no-code, so you can build your entire website by dragging and dropping elements.

What you may not know is that Squarespace also offers a tool for designing a logo in a matter of minutes: Squarespace Logos. While it won't be the most unique logo the world has ever seen, you'll get a clean, customisable logo to throw beside your product with nothing but a mouse.

The service works by taking your product/service/business name and pairing it with an image or symbol from its preset options. You can then reposition and recolour each element as you wish.

5. No-code platforms to manage and optimise email marketing 

Last up is email marketing. Even though email can sometimes feel a little outdated, it's still one of the most popular and engaging forms of marketing for the cost.

Sending out marketing emails manually, however, is as outdated as the dinosaurs. If you want to run an effective email campaign for your new product or service, you're also going to want to use an automated solution. 

Mailerlite: Advanced email marketing tools

For that, we suggest Mailerlite. Mailerlite is a no-code platform for automating your email marketing. It includes features for automatically sending out emails and surveys to your list of subscribers. 

You'll also get features that help you grow your email list. After all, if no one is reading your emails, what's the point? 

Best of all, if you're a small company, you can likely use Mailerlite for free, giving you time to grow with your email campaign. 



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