A no-code builder for creating internal tools and portals


Internal Tools, For Employees, Productivity, Operations, NoCode for Coders

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Create custom internal tools or portals on top of your data and business logic without code. Ship any app in minutes: Refund tools, Customer Portals, Onboarding flows, Support apps, and so on - all by drag-and-dropping, selecting from the dropdowns, and changing flags.

30+ ready-to-use components.

Customize, extend or build new apps incredibly fast using Jet's pre-built UI building blocks. Drag-and-drop them to create the UI that your business needs.

Consolidate your data with 20+ resources.

Link multiple data sources to different components, set the relations, and create a unified view to see all the relevant data and take actions in one place.

CRUD, Search, Filtering and more. Out of the box.

Get a basic Admin functionality out-of-the-box. Once you connect your DB, Jet automatically detects your schema and creates all the necessary functions along with search, filtering, sorting, and exporting.

Fully interactive.

Act upon your data: create custom actions and workflows, input fields and forms, click, select and mass select functions, all with just a few clicks. Hook up Zapier to automate what has to be automated.

Extend beyond no-code.

If you need something uber-custom, JetAdmin has got you covered: Create custom components, run SQL and API queries, transform data with JS.

Deploy securely.

JetAdmin is fully secure: SSO, 2FA, DMZ & VPN, Audit logs, Multiple deployment options, Incident recovery, and more.


The Verdict:

Building a partner or customer portal? JetAdmin stands out in this category, with brilliant support for charts and graphs, easy integrations with all your existing SaaS tools and it's all wrapped up in an easy-to-use drag n drop interface

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