Customer Portals and Internal Tools powered by your Airtable or Google Sheets


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Create Portals to Engage your Customers, Interface with your Partners and Empower your Team - All Powered by AirTable or Google Sheets

All powered by the data you're already using to run your business, from Airtable or Salesforce. Stacker is the digital interface to your business.

For Your Customers

Create self-service portals where they can update their profile, track their orders, browse the catalogue, connect with other users and more.

For Your Partners

Let them submit opportunities, keep data up-to-date, see lists of on-demand tasks, and browse knowledge-bases.

For Your Team

Create interfaces for them to get more done. Create CRMs, employee profiles, approval forms, and information repos.


The Verdict:

Stacker is incredibly slick, quick and easy to set up on top of your existing data sources and lets you quickly build customer or colleague portals. Great choice for getting started quickly, especially if non-technical and not fussed about customising everything to a granular degree Working in a large company? THIS is the tool for you!

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