Backendless allows you to Build powerful mobile and web apps with little or no code!

Build Front-to-Back in One Place

Backendless was built on the foundation of our visual backend builder and real-time database. Along with our UI Builder, you can build your app with a frontend and backend that communicate harmoniously - no integrations required.

Launch Fast and Scale Seamlessly

Develop your app fast with the Codeless logic builder then hit the ground running with highly-scalable serverless hosting, all included.

Team-Driven, Powerful and Secure Visual Data Management

Building is better with a team. Backendless utilizes a roles-based security system to protect your data from external threats and internal mistakes. Our team-driven development system makes it easy for multiple users to work on your product simultaneously.

Everything You Need In One Place

User management, file storage, push notification console, email marketing, live chat, real-time data, API management, and many more features all come standard with Backendless.


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