No-Code Web App Manifest

Make your app installable across devices and browsers — with custom splash screens and 50+ assets generated for you automatically. Yup, it even works on iOS!

All-In-One Push Solution

Easily compose, preview and send push notifications to your users with our dashboard and/or API. Auto import subscribers from other push services such as OneSignal.

PWA Install Link

Make it easy for your users to understand how to install your PWA. Get your own unique install.fyi link — it looks just like Google Play and the App Store.


The NoCode.tech Verdict:

Want to turn your web app into a Progressive Web App that anyone can download to their phone? Progressier lets you do this in one click! What's more, you'll get push notifications, analytics to track installs and more! A No-brainer if you're turning a Bubble or Webflow app into a mobile app

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