Social Plugins

Make it easy for your users to share your product


IntroBar helps you make the most of your referring traffic by giving your website visitors custom intros and offers based on where they came from.


Roundabout is a Social Wall to put on your website or any screen of device you like.


Contfeed is a social content display platform that helps businesses & brands in aggregating social content posted by their fans & users online.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet turns your users into brand ambassadors and manages the reward process between you and your customers automatically

Share This

Like the others in its category, Sharethis is very simple to use and offers plenty of customisation even for the free package.

Get Social

Yet another great set of tools for your website. GetSocial is very easy to install on most websites and offers step by step instructions for most website builder platforms.


Hello Bar is a fantastically simple lead generation tool providing a less intrusive alternative to the typical popup

Add This

Iv'e been using Add This for a while now and also on this very website located to the right.


ProofSource leverages the power of social proof to boost your platforms reputation, credibility, conversions and sales by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviours in your app.


Sumo arms you with a suite of tools to increase your traffic, build a following and track your success every step of the way.