Social Plugins

Make it easy for your users to share your product


IntroBar helps you make the most of your referring traffic by giving your website visitors custom intros and offers based on where they came from. Ever seen those custom banners when you visit a site from a referring source? Well it's probably this from this nifty little tool. Choose which sites you want to intro on your site including pre-set themes for Product Hint, Beta List, reddit, engadget and TechCrunch just to name a few, plus you can also create custom referrers. Add new IntroBars to your site in seconds for free.


Roundabout is a Social Wall to put on your website or any screen of device you like. A Social wall harvests all your social channels of your choice and creates a view from them for you to easily put on your own website. Roundabout is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. It's a great tool to encorage users to use your hastags and then see them on your website. It's super easy to install on your website, just follow their instructions. Roundabout provides a decent freemium service to give you a taste and get you started.


Contfeed is a social content display platform that helps businesses & brands in aggregating social content posted by their fans & users online. Users can connect Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. with their hashtags, handle, page, story and can display them collectively & beautifully on their website, TV, projector, digital screen, or jumbotron with real time updates & auto-scroll among many other useful features. Just connect, display & engage. I've used Contfeed in a few hackathons for user testing!

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet turns your users into brand ambassadors and manages the reward process between you and your customers automatically. A ‘Pay with a Tweet’ campaign is easily implemented on your website and the user experience is quick, simple and safe! This is a great tool if you want to give away something for free (example: ebook, stock image, promo code) and you want users to organically grow interest via their social networks.

Share This

Like the others in its category, Sharethis is very simple to use and offers plenty of customisation even for the free package. Sharethis also provides stunning share buttons for mobile visitors offering a beautiful and snappy sharing experience — in landscape and portrait mode. Sharethis prides itself on analytics, offering extended data built into Google Analytics.

Get Social

Yet another great set of tools for your website: GetSocial is very easy to install on most websites and offers step by step instructions for most website builder platforms. GetSocial has a host of tracking tools built in allowing you to review your website analytics from your account dashboard. They offer some very unique buttons for your site including the reaction buttons that allow your site visitors to provide feedback about their experience by clicking on 1 of 4 emotional faces.


Hello Bar is a fantastically simple lead generation tool providing a less intrusive alternative to the typical popup. I personally have used Hello Bar when being featured on Product Hunt as a way to welcome users coming from a referring site (great personal touch). Hello Bar displays follow buttons from Google+, Pinterest and Twitter as well as a handy email capture form. Hello bar offers a great free tier, allowing full customisation of the colour scheme, layout, animations and fonts. It also provides a host of integrations including MailChimp.

Add This

I've been using Add This for a while now and also on this very website located to the right. Extremely easy to integrate to your website. Add This provides loads of customisation on its free services allowing you to choose from hundreds of social media sharing icons. Add This  provides pop ups too!


Have you ever been even more excited to try a new restaurant because you see it’s busy and popular? Have you ever purchased a product after a recommendation from somebody else? That's called "Social Proof" and is what psychologists call a "decision heuristic" — a shortcut for making decisions. ProofSource puts this power into your website or app - They provides a host of integrations and just require a basic embed tool to connect to your site. Step to step instructions for most major website builders and Wordpress sites are provided.


Sumo arms you with a suite of tools to increase your traffic, build a following and track your success every step of the way. Get up and running in 37 seconds to start converting your visitors into lifelong customers. Installation on your website could be easier as Sumo provides guides for all major drag and drop website builders.