SEO Tools

Tools to help your site rank better on Google


Topvisor seems to be the tool of choice for agencies and marketers. However, it certainly can be used for first timers looking to improve their SEO rankings. Topvisor offers a free package which is reasonable enough to help improve your websites content. The keyword tools alone are fantastic, providing you with alternative words to use that may improve your SEO. Another great feature is their Rank Tracker which monitors the position of web pages for different keywords on Search Engine Result Pages. They also offer a free app to track rankings, create new projects and manage existing ones: add and delete keywords on your iPhone and iPad.


Looking to check out your competitors search rankings? Check out Semrush. It lets you analyse all of your competition's efforts, including display and paid search. Then use their sets of tools to outrank your competition. It looks more complex than it actually is so don't be put off, persevere and creep to the top of the rankings.


Raven is a powerful yet simple to use Site Auditor tool that quickly analyses your site to find all of the desktop and mobile SEO issues that may be keeping your site from ranking on search engines like Google. Simply start by typing your url into their homepage for results. Then Raven lists all of your onpage technical site problems and optimisation opportunities in order of severity so you can focus on the important stuff first.

Google Trends

This has to be one of my personal favourite tools to help improve your SEO and it's super simple to use and FREE. Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world and in various languages. Perfect for researching alternative trending keywords to include within your website content.


Nibbler is a free tool for testing websites. Enter the address of any website and Nibbler will give you a report scoring the website out of 10 for key areas, including accessibility, SEO, social media and technology. Nibbler is completely free, but limited to three reports.