Social Media Tools

Boost your product's social media presence


Notify lets you know when your startup gets mentioned online via Slack or HipChat.


Crowdfire is an extremely powerful product to get more targeted engagement and followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Tiddy Link

Tiddly Link allows you to add your own custom message to any website.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Landscape is essentially an interactive tool for social media image resizing. If you’re a social marketer, content creator or business owner, you’re likely managing multiple social networks. Of course, every single one has its own image size requirements, which can be a total pain if you don’t have forever to resize images for each one. All you have to do is upload a single image, choose all of the social networks/post types you want to resize you’re image for, and out comes a set of perfectly optimised social media images.


It’s okay to re-use old content on social media as long as its relevant, but it is often hard to find that great content among the daily social-media posts.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter as you can imagine specialises in Twitter analytics.


If you are looking to create a contest to get some traffic to your site or simply generate some interest for your already existing users WooBox could be the tool. Woobox is an online marketing solution that can help users to create effective contests, coupons and more for growing fans.


Buffer's primary function allows you to manage posts to social media websites by cross-posting across social media or timing posts to be updated at a specific time, offer tools to interpret data such as views, click-through links (monitoring traffic through clicked links is one major function that stood out to me) and allowing for easy delegation of tasks to a team (if you have one).

Missing Lettr

Missinglettr will set up a drip campaign for each blog post that you publish and then send the campaign content out to your social accounts over the course of a year.

Brand 24

Rather than having to search around for what people are saying about your brand and setting up annoying google alerts, Brand24 delivers real-time online mentions relevant to your business.


Pablo is the child of Buffer and is a really simple graphical content editor for all your social media needs. It's easy to use interface allows you to select images from a library of over 600+ free stock images (or add your own). Then just add your text, shapes, colours or logo and finally select where you will be posting your graphic and bingo its all automatically resized. You can manually resize your graphic or select from Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest sizes.