Our Recommended Learning Path

There are many different ways to learn No-Code or to go through NoCode University, but below is the path we recommend to all new students. Following this path to learn NoCode will make sure you have a solid grasp of the foundational skills and help you find a tool that works best for you and your idea!

Getting Started

Start with an Introduction to NoCode

Logical place to begin, right? We'll tell you what No-Code can do, where it's limitations are and talk you through the details of how exactly this seemingly-magical technology works. We'll show you a few tools too!

We'll also finally explain the difference between No-Code and NoCode (Spoiler: There isn't one)

Next, try our Fundamental Pillars of NoCode

What are the "Fundamental Pillars"? It's what we call the 4 key concepts you need to master in order to build anything without code. Workflows, APIs, UI/UX and Databases.

We'll take you through each of them, breaking them down into smaller, digestible pieces of learning and showing you live demos on NoCode tools.

Got through all of that? It's time to create a blueprint for your app or website idea

You can skip this step if you want to dive straight in, but a solid blueprint on our NoCode Canvas will help keep you focused when you start to implement your skills on No-Code tools. I always recommend this, because an hour of planning will save you a month of work!

Happy with your blueprint? It's time to pick a tool and get started. Scroll down the page for further learning recommendations!

Nile Frater

Lead Instructor

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