Accessibility and No-Code

Learn the basics of accessibility for your no-code project

The no-code movement has empowered a whole new generation of builders to create software. No longer do you need to have a background in coding to build web or mobile apps, and many people are choosing to build their entire business with no-code. But with this new generation of builders, and increasing number of organisations implementing no-code tools, it’s essential that the software you build is usable by everyone. Accessibility is a topic rarely talked about in the no-code community – it’s about time that changed. In this webinar, we’ll be hearing from Wojtek Kutyla of Human Thing, who specializes in software accessibility. He’ll take us through:

  • What accessibility means in the context of no-code tools – and why it’s important.
  • Best practice in making sure the software you build using no-code tools is truly accessible.
  • How we can move the no-code community forward in building accessible software.