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Understand if your idea is viable.
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Learn to use the best app builders and other tools
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Software Fundamentals

Learn the core concepts of software development needed to build any app you can conceive

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1:1 Advice on building your app
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200+ Lessons, Tutorials and Video Courses on building NoCode apps and fully-fledged software businesses of all shapes and sizes
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£20K of discounts on NoCode Tools and App Builders
1:1 advice on building your app idea and following the right learning path for your abilities
Live workshops with NoCode Experts + Community Access
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The future is not code

The world is changing rapidly - software is no longer just for the 1% of Coders and Silicon Valley whizz-kids.

NoCode tools allow you to drag-and-drop your way to an app and quickly build great software, without the learning curve of programming or going to College. In fact, NoCode doesn't just democratise access to coding, but also makes it easy to get your idea up and running in weeks or less - Long gone are the days of spending a year building software only to learn it was the wrong product!

At, we'll teach you the fundamentals of building software and generating an income from it - You'll learn not only the key skills of planning, designing and building an app, but also how to test your business model up-front, how to find your first customers and how to launch a successful, revenue-generating app!