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Learn to turn your ideas into powerful apps without coding

Anyone can build apps without coding, but getting started is the hard bit - between deciding the best tool for your app idea and figuring how to use them, this process can be intimidating.

Remove the guesswork and turn your idea into a powerful app with NoCode.Tech

Are you facing these problems?

You would like to create an app but you don't know how to build it
You've tried some YouTube videos, but they're filled with complicated jargon
You're overwhelmed by the vast choice of tools and tutorials; you're looking for "first-step" guidance
You don't know if your app idea can even be built with no-code tools!
You've tried no-code tools, but you can't figure out how to use them effectively

Here's how NoCode.Tech can help

We'll walk you through the entire app-building process, with a mix of theory + How-Tos
We'll explain concepts like Databases and APIs in simple, non-technical terms
We'll teach you the Four Fundamental skills you need to build any app idea - Fast
We'll show you how to use the best no-code tools, no previous experience or knowledge required
You'll build your app fast, and save $$$ on all of the tools we teach thanks to a vast discount library

Start launching your app for free in just a few weeks

Build your app quicker with 200+ lessons and tutorials

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Learn the Four Fundamental Concepts that will help you bring any app or software idea to life without coding
Go from Beginner to Pro in 4 weeks or less

Get expert guidance to ensure you succeed

Not sure where to start? Our experts will give you advice on how to begin building your app idea
You'll get hands-on help from our experts in weekly Office Hours sessions, when needed! (Begins August '22!)
Join our live workshops for masterclasses in no-code app building, growing your business and more (Begins August '22!)

Join a community of people building apps just like you

Access a private community of 800+ NoCoders
Find answers to your questions, get inspired and chat no-code with others
Work with peers who will keep you motivated and accountable

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Save money on popular tools like Adalo, Bubble, AirTable and more!
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Building a multi-tenant SaaS

Build a job board with Drapcode

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How to integrate a Circle.so community with Outseta

How to integrate Outseta with your Wordpress website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NoCode.Tech?

NoCode.Tech is the home of the No-Code movement: A website to discover the latest tools, techniques and projects to build without coding!

Access expert guidance, expert-led tutorials + workshops and an ever-updated repository of the best No-Code app builders and other tools.

What is a No-Code tool?

A No-Code tool is a piece of software which allows non-technical users to create their own software or apps, usually with a visual interface, a place to store information and the ability to create logical decisions.

Often, No-Code tools use drag and drop interfaces, similar to design tools like Photoshop or Figma. No-Code tools are specifically designed to be used with no understanding of code and as a result, are different from Low-Code tools.

Will No-Code replace developers and coding?

No! But over time, it will definitely change what they are coding.

Most developers end up coding the same things over and over again throughout their careers. Think about it: every app you use has a signup and login system, push notifications, a way to take payments, a navigation menu, perhaps a map or a comment posting feature etc - Each of these apps are owned by different companies, who all create their own versions of essentially the same thing!

No-Code allows developers to take care of this “grunt” work instantly and move on to harder problems, like AI, Crypto, new features, taking advantage of the great new advances in tech, like more processing power, voice recognition, machine learning, LIDAR and others!

And of course - No-Code tools need Coders to create, maintain and improve them!

Can I download my code from No-Code Platforms?

It depends.

Some platforms - Webflow, for example - will allow you to fully export the code. Most will allow you to export your data, but not the physical code. Others will allow you to host your app on your own servers, but not to export the actual code.In practice, we find that No-Coders are often surprised by how far their apps scale without code, and when they move away, it's generally only if they were going to do a full re-build anyway, usually by the time the business has grown and can afford Developers.

Only 0.3% of the world can code.

And yet as the 2020 Pandemic showed us, tech is only becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. We should all be able to change the digital world like we can the physical world. Imagine if only 0.3% of the global population knew how to wield a hammer or use a frying pan?

NoCode.Tech has helped over half a million non-technical entrepreneurs break into tech in the last 5 years, but I know we can do so much more.

We often see nothing but success stories in the tech world, but I've seen innumerable founders and would-be entrepreneurs throw away months of time and tens of thousands of pounds trying to build an app that will never come to life.

That's why we built NoCode University. To help anyone build an app fast. Without breaking the bank or putting life on hold.

I would love to help you build one too.

Nile Frater

Managing Director, NoCode.Tech

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