Early Stage Users

Places to find your first users

Beta Testers

Beta Testers is a free platform connecting beta testers and mobile app creators. List your app for free and get testers feedback to build a better app and cultivate a user base of dedicated early adopters before you launch. This is more of a niche testing platform for apps, but could also be seen as a method to gain early users to the platform.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt has to be one of the most powerful tools to getting early users to your site. Product Hunt showcases the best new technology products every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects and tech creations.


Betapage is a startup directory where you can discover, hunt and upvote on various innovative startups. You can easily find and list all type of startups under any stage i.e. (under development, Public beta/ Private beta or Live). Betapage's users include early adopters, beta testers and startup lovers. Submit your startup for getting feedback, beta subscription, early adopters, traffic and users; you can also measure visitor's interest as per their submissions, by the count of upvotes and comments.

Get Worm

Get Worm lets startups recognise and appreciate their early adopters with exclusive rewards (worms). Get Worm promotes early adoption through rewards & recognition. Signup is free and takes about 5 minutes to complete all the fields. I suggest looking at some of the more popular startups on the site and paying particular attention to their campaigns and what they are offering their early users. Get Worm also provides a handy MailChimp integration, so all your early testers email addresses will be forwarded to your MailChimp list. Once you get some bites from some early users, start by issuing them instructions, for example areas where you would like feedback. For each successful tester, provide them a link to your reward!

Startup Button

The Startup Button is a new take on startup directories. It's an engaging place for the community to discover new internet startups, and for founders to share their startups with the world. Either explore the curated, daily top ten list, or click go and let The Startup Button transport you to something new every time. Submitting your startup couldn't be easier, and takes just a minute to complete. Submitting your startup is free but you will be added to a queue, however there is the option to skip this for a small fee.


Launching Next is a directory of sites that haven't yet launched, similar to Betapage and BetaLi.st. Don't feel you have to have your website/product ready, this is a great opportunity to get early interest by creating a landing page with an email grabber. Then once you are ready to launch you have a list email addresses to send your Beta version out to for user feedback.

Beta List

BetaList is the place for early adopters to discover upcoming internet startups and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback. Word of advice, check their criteria before submitting as they are very selective on what businesses get featured. They also offer (like most services of their type) a premium service allowing you to skip the queue and guarantee to be featured, although this will cost you.