Colour Pickers

You don't need an eye for design to pick complimentary colours

Panda Colors

Pandacolors is simple online web tool for generating colors in one single click. Seeing the colors on templates real-time, you do not have to copy and paste hex codes to your graphic or code editors before you have decided that you want it! With Pandacolors, you can skip these tedious steps. Pandacolor also projects your colour pallets on a desktop or mobile interface so help you envisage what it will look like.

Lol Colors

LOL Colors is a curated list of colour pallets. LOL Colors provides a simple and slick resource to find colour inspiration. Colour pallets are arranged in tear drops; simply hover over the tear drop and copy the hex number to your clipboard.


Coolors is a super fast colour generator. I love how it takes the thought process out of creating themes. Colour themes and relationships can be very complex but this just turns it into a game. Almost like a slot machine. Coolors also lets you pick colours from images or convert them to palettes automatically as well as providing you with the hex values. Once you have found the perfect theme, you can then export the palette as a png file.

Colour Claim

Colour Claim was created in 2012 by Tobias van Schneider with the goal to collect and combine unique colours for his future projects. Although it hasn't been updated in sometime, the colour pallet still stands the test of time and features a stunning pairing of colours. As an alternative, if you use either Photoshop or Illustrator you can also download the full colour palette.

Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a social platform for everyone who love colours. Color Hunt aim to create a curated collections of beautiful, modern colour palettes so you don't have to. The colour palettes are all created by their users, and each creation is reviewed and hand-picked, so the very best of those get featured on their homepage. Install the Color Hunt chrome extension for daily colour inspiration.