Welcome to the NoCode Community!


Welcome to the NoCode Community!

I created this part of the site both to showcase the great things you're building without code, from websites, to starter apps, to boundary-pushing NoCode-firsts and also to provide the best place on the Internet to discuss NoCode tips and tricks, get help with what you're building, share what you've achieved, discuss code-free marketing/sales tricks and otherwise grow your code-free companies together

You can give me a shout on Twitter (@Nile) or email (contact@nocode.tech) with any feedback you have!

Thanks and enjoy -Nile

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Oh and don't worry, there's more to come soon, like:

  • Better error handling (So you cant lose your comment when you submit without being logged in)
  • Comments on builds
  • A reply system
  • Builds category browser
  • A whole lot more!

Let me know if theres anything you'd like to see added!

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I'd like to see when comments were posted. Any chance you could add a timestamp to posts?


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