Examples of profitable businesses without code?


Pretty much as the title says....just looking for examples of no code companies that are making money? any with solo founders?

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@jason on twitter said hes making $20m on SaaStr Inc - just using wordpress and stuff

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I think this website makes some money?

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Makerpad.co is pulling in $30k a week according to Hackernews

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Theres definitely some pickaxe selling going on (I.E. Most of the money is being made by people who sell no code tools like air table) but I think theres a few

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Pretty sure https://www.teeming.ai is killing it and they're built on Bubble

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As someone on here mentioned, Nocode.tech does make a few hundred dollars enough mostly from affiliate links but I killed most of it when I moved to the new site design (not how I wanted to grow this site) - lots of little content and directory sites like this making money. I guess another interesting question is what profitable products are still simple enough that they could be built without code? (IndieHackers? Quora?)


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