Badass Automation Ideas 💡


Heeeey @everyone 👋

I'm working on a learning resource for automation and lego tools (such as Zapier, Parabola, Integromat etc). I’ve used them extensively to put my multiple projects on autopilot with automating marketing, payments, invoicing and more (one of them with over 100k clients... and 3 employees 💪)

I want to ask you guys if you: 1 - Have managed to create something really useful for your business with such automations? If so - what was that? 2 - Have any ideas on what might save you great deal of work if automated? (a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g) 3 - Lastly - how would you prefer to learn automation - create a real life app from scratch… or browse some mini “task-based” tutorials? Sth else?

Many thanks for your help! 🙌

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