Website Generators

Generate a Website quickly, without the manual building!


Weps simple yet smart technology is based on a 2-minute friendly conversation with a human-like chatbot. It simply asks you questions about your business like “do you sell products or services” or “what is your brand colour”. What makes it even cooler is that your website can be built on any device and it costs you as much as your everyday dose of caffeine. To make it even more convenient Weps provides you with your own custom domain and take care of the hosting. So there you go- simple and smart.


Firedrop uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically create uniquely designed websites around your content. No templates, just bespoke design created in minutes. Use the incredibly simple editor to add text, images, video, PDFs... whatever you have. Firedrop also handles all the formatting which is a great time saver. Once your website is launched, Firedrop doesn't stop working. Their learning algorithms monitor your visitors' behaviour, perform automatic A/B testing and make continuous incremental improvements to your site in order to improve conversion rates and help your website to grow.


Opla, the chatbot that creates and manages your website instantly from your favorite messenger app. Opla is “your friendly website ninja'. Think of Opla as your virtual assistant, handling your website using natural conversations with you. Using your favorite messinging and social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack or the Opla web browser.


Heek is the personal assistant that helps you to make your own website. Create, maintain and update your website in just a few clicks. Simply answer a few simple questions, look at the suggestions and choose the options you like. You have total control as Heek creates for you a personalised website to meet your demands, or those of your clients, right before your eyes. The designs are well layed out with modern icons and stunning stock images tailored to your particular preferences.