Tools to help you get PR for your product


Anewstip is a search engine for tweets, news articles, journalist profiles and outlet profiles. It features an influence score and you can filter by time, topic, language. The tool also features alerts and media lists. Anewstip Search allows you to search for relevant media contacts by what they have written or tweeted. Anewstip Database indexes more than 200 million news articles and 1 billion tweets from more than 1 million media contacts. Anewstip provides you with a great free plan to get you started.

Promotion Directory

The Promotion Directory is an open sourced list of ~100 websites to submit and promote your startup. Some of these sites are great for products in beta to help you acquire early users. Some are for post-launch. Many have specific submission forms, others have contact info where you will need to pitch them via email. Some are free and some you will need to pay for. ​This list was put together by NoCode. To get access please sign up first and a members password will be issued via email.

Hey Press

Hey Press is a free searchable database of tech journalists. Hey Press has collected hundreds of thousands of articles for thousands of writers, saving you precious hours of research.


Finding relevant media outlets and their contact info to pitch your startup is a time consuming job. PR agencies charge a huge premium for it. Promotehour offers a FREE list of 1100+ top Tech media outlets with contact info, so you can pitch your startup to the relevant media outlets. Simply provide your email address and Promotehour will send you a link to download an excel spreadsheet containing all 1100 tech media companies and their email addresses.

Submit.Co by BetaList provides you with a curated list of details for press coverage. The list is a simple online spreadsheet containing links to their submission page, twitter handle, reach and market. This is a great tool to get you started, however, journalists much prefer direct contact with the founders, and there's not much value in submitting your startup in bulk. It's way more effective to find a few key publications and go for the personal approach.