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Building SAIL with #nocode I decided to build a minimum viable product (MVP) of SAIL to make it available to entrepreneurs and start gathering feedback. Following in the footsteps of lean startup principles, even though this side project isn’t “my startup”.

Airtable: The data was originally stored in Excel, I used Airtable to move store the data as it would allow me to use that data over the web, and also access APIs for future versions.

Carrd: once the data was available, the next step is to make it available to entrepreneurs in a user-friendly manner. After evaluating the usual suspects (like WordPress) and some niche tools (like Table2Site) I decided Carrd was best suited for this MVP. The whole site is built on Carrd

Add a new programme: New programmes keep coming up in the startup ecosystem and to make it more dynamic, I knew there needs to be a functionality to add new programmes. For this, I first used Typeform to build it but then comes the piece of integrating that data to Airtable, so due to that, I moved onto using Airtable native “form view” for users to add more info.

So here it is, SAIL. And this is one project I do intend to continuously improve over the next few versions — trying to keep it as #NoCode for as long as possible.

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