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This tool refunds customers by connecting with Stripe to execute payments and also hitting a company API to send customers a notification. We built this with Internal and so the refund tool has its own Internal Space and is made of three components: the Customers table, Payments table and Refund Notification form.

By default, the Payments table will be filtered down to the selected customer’s payments when you select a row in the Customer table. We’ve added in-line buttons to the Payments table that will allow you to refund that particular payment through Stripe. The Refund Notification form calls a company API that will send a notification to the customer, letting them know the updated status of their refund. One cool thing to note about using APIs with Internal is that once an engineer hooks up the endpoint (which also takes just a few minutes), it becomes a reusable function that anyone else in your team can use in their own Internal spaces.

We built this against our own company API, but Internal can connect to apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Google Sheets, as well as hitting your own company’s API endpoints!

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