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Jacques Martinez had the idea for Mon Producteur when looking to buy unpasteurized milk directly from the farmer in his village. He realized that it was not as simple as one would think.

As Jacques says “ it was complicated to find out when the farm was open, did they have milk available and how to get to the farm. Then I thought, what if we create an app that can gather all the info the consumers need to find local products. “

With GoodBarber, Jacques and his brother created an app where the users can discover the 10 nearest farmers, as well as all the necessary info (products, operating hours, direction etc).  

GoodBarber offered them a tool that was easy to use. To quote Jacques: ”after a few hours of testing, we had an app ready to show our farmers, which really helped us to launch our project”.  

When asked if he had any advice for people who would want to create an app, Jacques knew exactly what users are looking for:
“Creating an App doesn't have to be complicated! On the other hand, I advise you to go step by step and to think about your design to make it as ergonomic as possible.

And don't forget, the final goal is that in 2-3 clicks, your customer should be able to find the information!

Thanks to Mon Producteur, Jacques and his brother have managed to provide local farmers a solution to continue their work and keep their business afloat, and for people a way to still get fresh products while following all the requirements of social distancing.

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