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I spent a long time trying to find the best platform for our site build. We wanted at least something low-code, but SEO was key - Unstack was the best solution we found on the market. It was early days for Unstack and the product didn't have all the bells and whistles it does now, so you were very rigid in terms of options once you'd chosen a template and moving from that. The biggest lesson we learned was No-Code is great - but never skimp on design. It might seem like a cheap solution, being able to drop in photos and change colours - but without design flair and continuity, it doesn't look good. Get a designer to understand the template and restrictions your no-code tool has, and work with them to create something simple, beautiful and dynamic. Without that designed touch, you can end up with junky disjointed looking site. It makes more difference than you can imagine! No-code gives you the opportunity to do things in a simple, fast and scalable way that is much more affordable. However, don't assume there will be no costs if you want to it to look and function beautifully.
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