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Every customer service professional needs a lookup tool — a way for them to access the information in your company’s database so they can then relay it back to a customer. Whether it’s a question about their order status, or payment charges, these informational inquiries are common throughout customer service.

Creating a lookup tool with Internal takes almost no effort, as views of your data are automatically created as soon as you connect it to a data source. This means you can start using Internal to view, sort, and filter your data immediately — no lengthy configuration or set-up required.

In the example above, we’ve connected Internal to our company’s PostgreSQL database, and we’re looking at a particular record (“James Houston”) within our Customers table. We can see the record details (like the customer’s email and registration date) in Basic Info. You can also view a full history of changes to this record, which can be very useful in resolving complex customer queries.

One of the most useful things you can do is to embed related records coming from other datasets. You’ll notice that “Orders” and “Zendesk Tickets” have their own section on James’s customer record — this is data coming from the Orders table and data coming from Zendesk, respectively. Since it is related to the customer (James), it is displayed here, allowing for easier cross-referencing and more context.

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