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Customer service requires more than simply looking up information - You also need the ability to take action and make changes to resolve requests. For anyone who sells products online or services on-demand, a very common customer request is to change the address on their order.

Building this tool to edit addresses in Internal was super-easy! First, we connected Internal to the company database. It was a MySQL database and it contained a number of data tables, including Customers and Orders.

Next, we created a new Internal space for our Address Change tool. We used this to set up and configure the tables and forms for this tool. We also added a table to display our Customers and then another table for Orders. We  set a filter so that whenever we click on a particular customer in our Customers table, the Orders table will be filtered to only show that Customer’s orders.

Early progress

We then added in a form allowing the user to input the new shipping address. To determine which order the new shipping address is for, we linked the form to the Orders table. This made it so that when you select a row in the Orders table and use the Address Change form, it updates the shipping address for that particular order. We also added in two text input fields for Street Address and Zip Code, and create a dropdown field to select a state.

And we’re finished: check out our new address change tool!

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