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Agrove's Database System was built using Ragic, a no-code platform for companies building internal databases and tools.


All of our company forms have been designed using the Argrove Database System (ADS). We currently have a total of ninety three internal forms, from the Pricing Register, Project Handover Meeting Minutes and Subcontractor Questionnaire to Information Required Schedules and even Construction Phase Plans. They are all produced using the Argrove Database System (ADS). It is an extremely well designed system of operation and enables us to achieve much more stringent project and programme control.

As a business we didn’t need just a few spreadsheets, we needed a full database system. We simply wouldn’t be able to operate as we do currently with ninety three different spreadsheets as business would soon become almost unmanageable if this were the case with errors creeping in to spreadsheets and some of these files possibly being saved in the wrong place to highlight just a few problems. The Argrove Database System (ADS) eradicates these kind of problems.

The Argrove Database System (ADS) is just one of the ways in which we have become a fully systemised Principal Contractor. Fully integrated construction software also plays a major role in how our business operates. By following the next tab on this page, you are able to find out more about the integrated construction software that we use.

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