Interview with Zapier expert Andrew Davison - How founding Luhhu has helped clients save time, money and sanity. interview with Zapier expert, Andrew Davidson. Founder of the Zapier agency Luhhu helping users with their business automation all across the globe.

Interview with Zapier expert Andrew Davison - How founding Luhhu has helped clients save time, money and sanity.

This month in we sat down with UK-born, Budapest-based Zapier expert Andrew Davison (@AndrewJDavison), founder of Luhhu, an agency that helps businesses automate their processes using Zapier.

Long before no-code was a hit,  Andrew has been one of the most active people in the no-code automation space helping hundreds of users to learn, improve and completely change their businesses pace and productivity through the power of Zapier.

For those of you who don't know what Zapier is - It is an online tool that allows you to automate workflows. Considered the “glue that connects thousands of apps” this tool will allow you to connect applications such as Gmail, Dropbox, AirTable, Shopify, Mailchimp and so much more. 

Running a business remotely all the way from Budapest, Andrew showed us how No Code tools have made his remote-working, code-free lifestyle a possibility and how Zapier and his agency have helped businesses all around the world do the same. 

Andrew Davidson - Founder oh Luhhu

1.Hey Andrew - Thanks for agreeing to chat with us on NoCode.Tech. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Hi Guys! - I am the founder of Luhhu. We’re a Zapier agency - and in essence we help businesses automate their processes. I like to tell clients we’re helping them save their time, money and sanity.

2.How did you get started with Zapier? What did you do for a living before you discovered NoCode tools?

My background is a little all over the place. My first proper business was a web design agency at university. I found someone that could build websites and I sold them to local businesses. I then took those sales skills with me to London and did a few years doing biz dev at various media agencies. Fun, but ultimately soulless work that I got bored of.

After some traveling, I ended up in Budapest and started a lead generation business for language teachers. It didn’t make enough money to pay anyone to do the admin, so I decided I’d automate it as far as possible and taught myself to use Zapier

I later ended up signing up to Upwork on a whim, with the hunch that others might want their businesses automated. It was a good gamble and within 6 months it was a full time freelance career that then grew into an agency in 2019.

3.So you’re a Zapier Certified Expert - How did you expand to an agency model and find your first customers? Has finding work gotten any easier over time?

My first clients were my freelance ones - and that was handy as it meant I could get right into the business of building an agency without  having to worry about the bills. I also got a listing on the Zapier website in their expert directory which has been a major source of clients.

Since then, I’ve put time and money into building the website, doing SEO and making a name for myself on Twitter, Reddit and various other communities as an expert voice on Zapier. Come 2020, I’ve seen it really start to pay off with clients and opportunities starting to come from all over.

4.What are some interesting projects you’ve worked on without code?

We do quite a lot of e-commerce projects. One of our clients runs 3 stores and the whole backend operation entirely through Zapier. They got popular fast, and by the holidays last year were processing tens of orders a minute at peak times, which translated into literally millions of tasks per month in Zapier.

What made that an interesting project was all the little problems we had to solve to make sure the system could scale around demand, orders were recorded and routed correctly and customers received the follow up communications they were expecting.

5.You’re well-known online for your love of Zapier, but how does it compare against a competitor like Integromat?

I like both platforms and I’m starting to talk more about Integromat as my own experience and abilities improve.

Integromat connects to less services - that’s a downside. But it’s also a lot cheaper which makes it the obvious choice for some clients - especially those with task heavy processes. 

I’m also a fan of their UI which I think makes it easier for beginners to get their head around the idea of process automation.

6.So you’re running a $5.5K MRR agency remotely from Budapest - How are you finding life in Hungary, and what have been the pros and cons of working so far away from your clients and staff? What tools do you use to keep it all together?

I love Budapest and having been here almost 7 years it feels like home. There is a great nightlife, the locals are friendly and there are lots of expats, tourists and students coming through to make for an interesting social life.

As a place to work, it has all the pros of a western country with a reduced cost of living - which has been another plus. I don’t have to worry about rent so much when taking risks trying to grow the business.

The team is fully remote and from all over - so Slack has become the default office. I don’t think we’ve been held back by distance at all.

7.What do you see in the future for the NoCode movement and for your own automation agency?

Growth all over. More businesses will tune into the benefits of being able to streamline existing processes as well as spin out new projects quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We’ll see more experts develop their skills and work together to service clients. I’d expect to see more full service agencies develop in the coming years. 

8.How has COVID19 affected your business?

Not nearly as much as I expected thankfully. New business is down slightly and some existing clients in more affected industries have pulled back on work - but plenty haven’t. I think having clients spread far and wide globally and across different industries has shielded me somewhat.

Want to learn more? 

If you feel like your business is wasting too much time doing things manually or just getting started with Zapier - Luhhu is your one stop shop to automate your business processes. 

Get started today on their website and look for updates on their twitter

You can also find Andrew Davidson on Twitter where he often helps NoCoders out with automation debugging and where he shares plenty of tips and resources.

Interview with Zapier expert Andrew Davison - How founding Luhhu has helped clients save time, money and sanity.

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