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To coincide with our brand new website, we’ve got some exciting news to share on where NoCode.Tech is headed.  

How it started

NoCode.Tech began in 2016 as a one-person operation aiming to promote the no-code movement. Through tool reviews and blog posts, the idea was to show that anyone, no matter their technical knowhow, could use no-code tools to build software and really involve themselves in the digital world. Since then, the no-code movement has gone from strength to strength as our audience has grown.

There are now hundreds of excellent no-code and low-code tools that are able to build all manner of software, provided you have a basic understanding of how computers work. You can create bespoke project management software, build mobile apps, and make customer portals for your customers. Many of the tools that emerged when we started NoCode.Tech have continued to develop, offering an increasing number of features and functionality.

But while the actual no-code ecosystem of tools and platforms is actually pretty developed, there still remains a big problem around broader understanding and actual adoption of no-code tools. In our view, the next big area of adoption is the use of no-code tools in organisations, of all shapes and sizes. We know that the right no-code tools can transform the way businesses and large enterprises function: solving all kinds of problems and streamlining the way internal functions and processes work. They save employees time and businesses money, letting people focus on work which actually matters. That’s why we’ve decided to double down our efforts in this area.

What’s changing?

  • We’ve got a brand new website (which you're actually on). This reflects how the no-code ecosystem has matured and a need for authoritative, reliable and accessible reporting and education.
  • We’re investing heavily in our content. From this point on, you’ll see a lot more content from us including in-depth guides and explainers, expert insight, tool reviews and opinion.
  • We’re expanding the practical courses we offer.  We have new courses to take, a curated section that helps you find the right tool by the function you need, and hundreds of tool-specific tutorials.
  • We’re upping our coverage of no-code tools. Everything you need to know about the best no-code tools out there will soon be found on our site – including pricing and how each tool compares to its competitors.
  • We’re creating a new membership system. That means a far more personalised experience, with access to no-code tool discounts, events, and the NoCode.Tech community.

Our curated learning experience will help you achieve whatever your aims might be

While we’ll continue to guide learners at any level of their no-code journey, we’re broadening what we’re doing to really tackle the problem of no-code adoption for organisations. To help those working within businesses see how no-code tools can supercharge the way they work, and then the tricky part: how to successfully implement no-code tools in the workplace.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re planning so feel free to reach out via our contact page.

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