Finding NoCode's sense of purpose

Maybe my initial concept of NoCode was underestimated. The more I thought about what I was looking to achieve with NoCode the more I began to realise it's part of a much bigger personal goal.

NoCode Purpose

As previously mentioned in my first post, the initial idea for NoCode was born after creating various websites and small businesses without a tech background and an extremely low (£0) budget. After years of accumulating various tools, resources and hacks held in spreadsheets, notebooks, Evernote and bookmarks I decided to create my own online resource for non-techies on a shoestring budget.

I’ve always had a passion to create to businesses that contribute either socially or environmentally. My first business The Sustainable Glasgow Project was a social enterprise I started whilst at university in Glasgow. The SGP provided carbon offsetting for large businesses and empowering grass route communities to improve their local environment. It's still run today by a friend as a successful blog. Shortly after moving to London I launched Fiilo, a 3D printing business that created planters and a personally designed hydroponics system made from corn starch. This was later acquired by a US company and is still run today. More recently I have created Design[io] a tuition service based in London, teaching people how to create websites, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce stores etc.

So far most of my side ventures have consisted of social/ environmental support.

I'll be honest, when I originally set out to create NoCode it didn’t have a higher social or environmental goal, I just wanted to pull my list into one accessible place where I could direct friends or clients to.

Old School NoCode

However, after spending hours and hours tediously creating the website, I had to take a good long think about what I’m actually trying to achieve. Was it worth all the time I was spending on it? Will people even use this? Couldn't I just create a spreadsheet on google drive? The more I thought, the more I realised NoCode could potentially be more than just a directory, it could inspire and empower others who don’t necessarily have a technical background to create something they have always wanted to but thought they needed to hire someone or required years of experience.

As someone who studied environmental sciences at university I certainly wasn’t equipped to jump into creating websites, apps, graphic design or marketing etc. If a resource like NoCode existed at that time I can assure you it would have been a whole lot easier and saved me a tonne of time.

This has spurred me on to finish the website and at the time of writing this I’m about 80% complete and looking forward to hit publish so everyone can finally use it.

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